Interview First Officer Jetstream 31/32 Daryl Lopez, AIS Airlines

Foto Daryl Lopez

Hi! Could you introduce yourself?
My name is Daryl Lopez and I am a graduate student of AIS Flight Academy. I finished my course August of 2019.

After graduating from the Academy, I immediately started my Jetstream 31/32 Type Rating with AIS Airlines. I completed my Type Rating December 2019, January of 2020, I finished most of the other trainings required by AIS Airlines. Now, I am based in Torsby Sweden and I just finished my first week of Line training flights as a First Officer with AIS Airlines.

Could you describe your average day as a pilot with AIS Airlines?
Here in Sweden, I am assigned to fly the rotation of Torsby to Hagfors to Arlanda Stockholm and back. My first week schedule is the afternoon rotation. The flight time departure from Torsby is 16:30 Local Time and we have to report 45 minutes before to prepare the flight. By the end of the flights to Arlanda, Stockholm and back, it is already 20:00 to close up and to do the documentation records for the flights.

What do you like most of your job as a pilot?
I find the experience of flying the Jetstream really good! It sharpens my skills as a pilot. This way I am not worried about my future job(s). Another thing I find very nice about this experience is that I get to fly in places like Sweden that has complicated airports that challenges pilots to their limits to make them better!

Do you have any tips for anyone pursuing a career as a pilot at AIS Flight Academy?
The training at AIS Flight Academy is great, enjoyable and intense. For the aspiring people who want to become a pilot, my advice is to be determined and be ready to manage all the obstacles that will go your way. Instructors will guide you throughout the training. A good discipline is a must if you want to become a pilot, you have to think and be wise with every situation you have. Think ahead of what could come in front of you then act accordingly! With that you should be great!