Why AIS Flight Academy?

AIS Flight Academy is committed to giving its students the best possible training. We therefore offer you high quality lessons, where you as a student are central.

What we have to offer:

  • Invest in job security
  • An employment contract with AIS Airlines
  • Extensive experience in aviation
  • Self-managed theory and practice classes
  • Training in about 22 months
  • Flight training in Europe
  • Modern Dutch registered fleet
  • Excellent training material
  • Intensive Coaching
  • Interim trial exams So we can track your progress
  • Excellent exam Training
  • Classroom theory Lessons
  • Modern simulators (2 x FNPTII, full motion Jetstream 32 a full motion Level-D Boeing 737)
  • Part-145 approved maintenance company for large and small aircraft (AIS Technics)