The grading consists of 4 phases:

Phase 1: Grading at AIS Flight Academy
This grading happens at our facility in Lelystad. One will be assessed on several written tests and exams. The goal of this part of the assessment is to create a profile of the candidate. Besides mathematics, physics, and English proficiency, the applicant will be tested on processing information, spatial orientation, and will be given an IQ-test.

Phase 2: Flight Assessment
After completing phase 1 and phase 2 with positive results, the candidate will be invited for a flight assessment. This will consist of 1 hour of flying in our FNPT II simulator. During this assessment, we will examine the applicant’s talent for flying.

Phase 3: Personal Interview
During the personal interview, the results of the initial tests will be discussed with the applicant. Further in the interview the applicant’s personality, motivation, and ambition to become a commercial aviator will be reviewed.

Phase 4: Medical Aviation Examination
During this phase, doctors will examine the applicant’s health, fitness, and their ability to operate an aircraft

The costs for this assessment is €195 (excluding medical examination).

Admission/ Education Starting Date
After successful completion of the above phases, the student can start with the pilot training.