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Why AIS Flight Academy?
Training completed within 22 months
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Possibility to join AIS Airlines cadet scheme.

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Record number of participants AIS Information evening

On Monday, 19 February, the classroom was filled with people who wanted to learn more about the pilot training of AIS Flight Academy. After the official AIS introduction presentation, the current pilotRead More...
By : AIS Flight Academy | Feb 20, 2018

Luchthaven Lelystad mag worden uitgebreid

DEN HAAG – De uitbreiding van de luchthaven Lelystad Airport kan doorgaan. De Raad van State (RvS) heeft bezwaren tegen het bestemmingsplan van de gemeente Lelystad ongegrond verklaard. Dat maakte ’s landsRead More...
By : AIS Flight Academy | Jan 23, 2017

A great start to your career!

AIS Flight Academy offers an integrated education for everyone who wants to become a commercial aviator. Both theory and practical sessions are taught in The Netherlands. You will fly to many destinations in Europe. Since the European air space is crowded and weather conditions are changing continuously, these flight hours will be of great value for your future career. AIS Flight Academy has an extended fleet to make sure there are always enough aircraft available for our students.


One of the goals of AIS Flight Academy is to provide an education of excellent quality for everyone who wants to become a commercial aviator. It goes without saying that future students needs to embody certain qualities. They should have the right motivation and ambition in order to be admitted to AIS Fight Academy.

Financial commitment

In our opinion, finances should not stand in the way of your ambition to become an aviator. Therefore, After passing the first training phase with sufficient result, the student will receive an offer of employement as a First Officer at AIS Airlines and the airline will partially provide an interest free loan to reduce the cost. 

Job opportunities

Students who finish their education and grading successfully are offered a job opportunity as a first officer on the Jetstream 32 at AIS Airlines. With that, AIS Airlines offers you an unique chance to build up flight experience in your first job in commercial aviation. You will operate daily flights in – for instance – Scandinavia and Germany where you have to deal with continuously changing weather conditions. With a vast number of European flight hours, you have formed a perfect basis for the continuation of your flight career.

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